But Who'll Sarah Fee?

It occurred to me yesterday that my favorite thing to do - read a book while I'm eating - is just a combination of reading and eating. Bo-ring. I'm boring.

The Diary of a Young Girl - Anne Frank,  Otto Frank,  Mirjam Pressler,  Susan Massotty It's fascinating how exactly the same 13 year old girls in the '40s and '90s are... em, "were"?

Before Hitler's anti-Jewish acts have their effect on her, Anne Frank's diary starts exactly like every teenage diary ever - I assume. I mean, I only have mine to go by. Okay, every empty-headed but super fun* teenage girl's diary. *yes, I'm flattering myself.

She starts out hilariously:

I'll begin from the moment I got you, the moment I saw you lying on the table among my other birthday presents. (I went along when you were bought, but that doesn't count.)

... but understandably loses some of her humor later on.

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