But Who'll Sarah Fee?

It occurred to me yesterday that my favorite thing to do - read a book while I'm eating - is just a combination of reading and eating. Bo-ring. I'm boring.

The Atlantis Complex - Eoin Colfer This book was idiotic. I can just see Colfer's spurned lover/annoyed teenage kid/pet monkey laughing at this magnificent trick (s)he managed to pull. (Namely, writing a book in his name and publishing it.)

If you, like me, enjoyed the first installments in the Artemis Fowl world, and thought "oh, Artemis making a fool out of himself would be funny!"... Then boy, are you NOT in for a treat.

Everything, and I mean everything, comes off as contrived and stupid - no, moronic. Believe me. I might read the next one if I was feeling masochistic or hopeful, but honestly, I hope I don't. Whoops, I just puked over this whole review, and it still stinks less than the book.

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