But Who'll Sarah Fee?

It occurred to me yesterday that my favorite thing to do - read a book while I'm eating - is just a combination of reading and eating. Bo-ring. I'm boring.

The Cross-Time Engineer - Leo A. Frankowski I bet the author was a short, unattractive geek. And possibly a pedophile. I bet you half my house.

The protagonist, an engineer who finds himself in the past, is tall and perfect and the (mostly 14 year old) ladies are throwing themselves at him. Like David Brin's The Practice Effect, our hero finds himself in a relatively uncivilized place where he can show his technology to the natives. Unlike The Practice Effect, The Cross-Time Engineer reads like a fat boy's dream diary. This book wasn't about the plot, it was about the other characters loving and being in awe of the protagonist.

That being said, it was fun. If you hate Mary Sue and the 'women are objects' point of view, stay far away. I'm going to classify this one as a guilty pleasure and vehemently deny ever giving it more than one star if you ask me about it to my face.

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